We specialise in 3 fields: Launching Amazon productsSocial Media Campaigns and Messenger Chatbot Setup

Social Media

When it comes to social media we focus on Instagram and Facebook ads. Whether you want to optimise your brand's social media presence through influencers, paid advertising or organic reach our team have the solutions.


We have grown Facebook pages and Instagram accounts purely by focussing on free organic traffic, and we run ads we 10x our results. 

Product Launches

We have run countless launches in all the marketplaces and we know what works and what helps you rank. 


An effective launch will help you save a fortune as your ranking will stick and the organic sales will kick in. Ask yourself this: "Can I afford to have a bad launch?"  We are here to help :) 


Chatbot Setup

Right now Messenger chatbots are a disruptor to the market and they are the new "Instagram" for marketers. The open rates are over 80%, but this will not last long and it will drop soon. 


This is the best time to start and set up your chatbot marketing as it will become saturated within the next two years. Don't be that guy that misses out on this.

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